palkkaus Andrzej Duda

Presidentti - Puola
Syntynyt: 1972, Kraków, Poland
  • Vuosittain: 69 296,00 €
  • Kuukausittain: 5 774,67 €
  • Viikottain: 1 332,62 €
  • Päivittäin: 266,52 €
Andrzej Duda
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Andrzej Sebastian Duda on Puolan nykyinen presidentti.

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Forbes Jun 2022: € 52,500 July 2020: President Andrzej Duda's declaration of assets shows that in 2019 he earned PLN 243,041.43, which gives a monthly amount of over PLN 20,000. zł. This sum included basic salary, functional allowance and internship allowance. Mar 2019: Polish President Andrzej Duda earns about PLN 20 138 gross, i.e. over 14 thousand PLN net per month - says Also reports the same amount.


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