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Hillary Clinton
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Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton on yhdysvaltalainen poliitikko, joka toimi Yhdysvaltain ulkoministerinä Barack Obaman hallituksessa vuosina 2009–2013, New Yorkin nuorempana senaattorina vuosina 2001–2009 ja Yhdysvaltain ensimmäisenä naisena miehensä Bill Clintonin presidenttikausina vuosina 1993–2001. Hillary Clinton oli demokraattisen puolueen ehdokas vuoden 2016 presidentinvaaleissa ja hävisi republikaani Donald Trumpille.

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WSJ August 2016: The return showed Mrs. Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, made $10.6 million in adjusted gross income last year, largely from speaking fees, books, and Mr. Clinton’s consulting activities. Because they filed jointly half of their income is published here. The Clintons paid an effective federal income-tax rate of 34% in 2015, $3.24 million. The Clintons gave more than $1 million, or nearly 10% of their adjusted gross income, to charity.
WSJ July 2015: Mrs. Clinton reported gross speaking fees of about $10.5 million before expenses, and gross earnings as an author of about $5.6 million.
The statement said the Clintons paid an effective federal tax rate of more than 35% in both 2013 and 2014 and about $44 million in federal taxes since 2007. During that period they made almost $15 million in charitable contributions, the campaign said.


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