palkkaus Ireen Wüst

Syntynyt: 1986 Alankomaat
  • Vuosittain: 266 000,00 €
  • Kuukausittain: 22 166,67 €
  • Viikottain: 5 115,38 €
  • Päivittäin: 1 023,08 €
Ireen Wüst
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Ireen Wüst on alankomaalainen pikaluistelija. Wüst on voittanut kaksitoista olympiamitalia, joista kuusi kultaista, ja on siten eniten mitaleja olympialaisissa kerännyt pikaluistelija.

Wikipedia page about Ireen Wüst Feb. 2022: NOC*NSF pays out the same amounts in Beijing as during the Summer Games in Tokyo: 15,000 euros for the bronze medal.

Bronze medalists from the Netherlands:
BOS Kimberley, Skeleton, Women
de JONG Antoinette, Speed Skating, Women's 1500m
de JONG Antoinette, GROENEWOUD Marijke, SCHOUTEN Irene, WUST Ireen, Women's Team Pursuit

Eurosport Feb 2019: Ireen Wust wins the fourth title at the World Ice Skating Championships
Volkskrant Dec 2016: Ireen Wüst, comes close to the Eredivisie average, 266000 euros
NUsport 2013: salary 510,000 euros
Who knows, Ireen Wüst may add a bonus to her income for Olympic medals: a gold medal yields € 30,000, silver is good for € 22,500 and bronze for € 15,000.


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